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6 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 09

  1. I am guessing that Myouga would be Silenus the satyr ( ), Dionysus’ ( ) old friend and drinking-pal… and I guess that make Monk Mushin Dionysus, too…?

    …Mmmm, I also guess that that would make the Yakurōdokusen ( ) comparable with someone, like, say-maybe, Asclepius ( ), or, say, Aristaeus ( )…?

    …And the Yōreitaisei ( ) with someone like, say, maybe, Aesop (who, according legend(?) was a sage who allowed himself to be enslaved so-as the disseminate his accumulated wisdom), Coeus ( )…, or maybe-even Prometheus ( )…?


  2. I love this so much and I’m not the least surprised Inu is destroying things… by accident of course. But I’m almost sure Akitoki helped in it with his clumsyness? And sure the teacher had to be Totosai :). Can’t wait to see more of this. Thank you as always.

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