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5 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 27

  1. Puppy Inu shouldn’t have to be the one that apologizes. If anything it’s Totosai that should apologize to puppy inu.😤


  2. Inu doesn’t want to go where totosai
    It will be that the father will allow it .. 😄

    When Kagome shows up, I’d love to see her as a kid too.🥰


  3. well yes and no.
    Totosai definitely should apologize too.
    For the accident, the puppy just jumped to the help of his friend and then Totosai “twisted” the real facts a little.
    But Inuyasha might apologize for his boredom tantrum. Totally undertsandable that he hates to just read scrolls, having to sit still when he really would prefer to fight and get all that energy in him focused. But still he heas to get a proper education, even if he hates that.
    In the end, both sides really should try to find a compromise, especially Totosai making a step towards the pup. To Akitoki too for that maybe. He should take the kids more seriously, but that’s a problem old as the world….

    Nice cloud mummy can make. No wonder Inu likes to bath with her. 🙂


  4. So, the little rain cloud over InuYasha’s head; is it meant to be symbolic of his mood… or did Izayoi summon it to rinse InuYasha’s hair?


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