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5 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 29

  1. inu will be the most handsome and strongest god. 😍😍

    ohh Sango is going to come out on stage. Either she is already an adult or she is still a child, which intrigues more and more exciting. 🤔😊


  2. Oh, totally love that!
    Yes, they are right. No wonder the puppy is so “hard to handle” for Totosai if he has no possibility to burn all that energy. I’m positive he will love it. And Totosai too once this may really help calm Inu down.
    And Sango! Oh, that sounds so good. Can’t wait to see! And I’m curious if she’s still a child too.
    For the drawing, georgeous as usual. Ilove that thpughtful face of Toga in the second panel.


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