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6 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 34

  1. Cutie pie!!! I love your drawings of little Inu.

    But Inu, you will get a surprise when the times turns that baby into a beautiful goddess 😍


  2. hahaha Inuyasha that you say now as a child, as an adult you will not think the same.
    I love your innocence INU baby! 😍


  3. Aww, that’s so cute. Inu puppy is SO CUTE!!!!!
    Yep, and innocent, a little child, and age accurately rejecting to EVER be interested in the other sex in a romantic way. We all feel that I guess. That’s so accurate. And of course he will overthink that opinion when older. And Toga is so understanding. All of this feels so relatable. Just beautifully done, as usual.
    And puppy is right. At that age playing is what really matters. And that’s so wholesome. That’s what childhood should be for. And what little Inu gets in this story.
    To an active and strong-tempered child like him admiring beatiful things and flowers and stuff just has to sound so boooooring 😄. I feel just like Toga.
    And I hope we get to see Sango and Kouga kiddies. And some puppys bickering I’m sure.

    Thanks for the cuteness!


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