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5 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 36

  1. hahaha 😂 these little ones and their fights.
    the referee koga giving the points to the one who throws the best offense hahaha 😂
    and inu no taisho arrives in full discussion hahaha 😂 I can already imagine the faces of the three. 🤣🥰

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  2. (again Inuphila here)
    aaaawwwww. Haha, I chuckled loudly at this,really. (good thing I’m in private)
    So cute, and accurate, and absoluteoly in their respective characters. None of the three is completely wrong though. And Koga being the referee. Precious.
    Can’t wait for Toga’s entry. Maybe telling them that it needs both strategy and action (and insight to acknowledge a hopeless fight, and not take it) in the right balance to make a good general. (But likely none of the kiddos being ready to really believe that yet)
    Anyway, thanks for the laughs


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