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8 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 39

  1. Sería increíble ver a Inuyasha pequeño usar el colmillo de acero. 😍😍

    Qué mono se ve despeinado 🥰😍😍


  2. As a teacher I’m just laughing ’cause he is like every other kid with ADHD. God! for once I don’t know if this makes me laugh ‘coz I have a couple of student like him o just for craziness as I have to deal with little people like him

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  3. Oh Inuyasha…he so doesn’t care about the theory, it’s so like hun haha

    Love the details of his hair! Made me smile 😊


  4. oh yes, sit still and listen to theory, that’s hard for our dear puppy. Patience and focused concentration just are not his thing. But his teachers are not wrong though. The theory IS really important too, just I get the feeling little Inu might learn better if he could actually combine the lessons with practical application. Just like he just skipped theory when learning the backlash wave. He’s definitely quite the “learn-by-trying” type.
    I would definitely love to see the kiddo have sword lessons with his dad.
    About his hair, haha, so cute.
    And I guess no one wonders or asks about it becausethey are used to it. And know the reason. Just yet another incident where daddy had to end one of his quarrels with a little thunder shock, making that fluffy mane all static. I LOVE it 🙂


  5. Ay no que preciosura de Inuyasha <3, me encanta su forma de ser y como esta creado, y el ver a Toga e Izayoi es un mega plus. Sera eterna la espera para cada actualización. Gracias por compartir sus talentos con nosotros.


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