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7 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 43

  1. I love seeing Inuyasha happy and enjoying what he discovers. 😍😍
    He has reached a forest, I hope nothing bad happens to him in there.🥺🥰😍


  2. Wahhhhh!!!! 😍 This cute puppy is all we need to finish the day (well at least in México is night time.) Let’s see what he discovers on his trip


  3. ah, he’s o cute. And totally grant him that sorrowfree yound spirit of exploration. Such an adventure! love to see him happy.
    Of course I hope he won’t get in trouble down on earth. Unfortunatley this possibility would be rather likely.
    Well, I bet some kind of trouble will await him for sure from his parents whom he is most likely making worrying sick once they find out he’s missing.


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