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4 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 51

  1. Oh dear, good thing Goshinki could find him. And bring him pack to his worried parents.
    But yes, a very dirty and messed up boy. Definitely looks like the fight with those wild puppys did not go as smooth as he thought and he had to take some beating too.
    I am really curious now to see how Inuyasha is going to react. I could imagine him being a little relieved after having met the more painful reality of his freedom dream.
    Or, and at least just as well, being reluctant for his adventure to end already and run away from Goshinki.
    Plus there are the two puppies in the play too. I bet he will want to take them home. In fact, we can assume that pretty well due to that CUTE drawing of exactly that we know already. But I’m just as sure that Goshinki won’t agree to that easily.
    Which takes me to another point I can wonder about: the realtionship Goshinki and Inuyasha have. I could very well imagine Goshinki to find the little “rascal” rather annoying, maybe think of him as spoiled. Since he had to search all earth because of the pup, he might already be (a little understandibly) annoyed in advance, with or without Inu resisting.
    Can’t wait to see 🙂

    Thank you for keeping me hooked


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