7 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 52

  1. aaww, I’m melting!
    (and shame on me! How could I be so busy that I missed Inu-Puppy-wednesday!)
    The cuteness! Exactly, puppy with puppys 🙂
    I’m curious how strong the discussion between Inu and Shishinki will have to become until he can take them. I’m sure tittle Inu WILL get his will in the end. And raise those puppies and get great companions. He’s a good boy with a great heart, and it’s nice to see him here young and pure enough to openly show that.
    And, just thinking, little Inu by now is hardly less dirty than the pups and will have to get on the carriage too. So in that point, no big difference if he takes the animals too, right? :’)


  2. and, sorry for the second comment, but raising those puppies will do Inu quite some good. Perfect solution to channel his energy, learn to take responsability and train some patience (and maybe get some insight how adults feel with unruly children)
    It’s always good for children to learn those things through pets. Also treating them with respect. Lessons they can’t possibly learn young enough.


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