3 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 57

  1. Oh my cuteness shake!! That last scene with Inu and his puppies shaking off the water is so cute!!! I want those three little pups to myself


  2. Totally agree, so much cuteness! The shaking dry in perfect synch, OF COURSE. Now There are three wild puppies in the olympus 🙂
    But also that litte Inu does not want them to be called “cute” because that’s unbecoming for the warriors he claims them to be. Projection? I’m sure. He’s so cute too, but sure does not like to be called so for the same reason.
    Even as adult in the series he’s annoyed of people finding his ears cute, isn’t he. But just makes it all the cuter :’) Vicious circle I’d say.


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