7 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 59

  1. late, but finally here…
    to find such cuteness! Little Kagome looks like a real little sunshine.
    I’m curious what answer she will get.
    And also, how is the age gap between her and the other kids we’ve met so far? Might she age faster (while very young) or will she physically stay years behind hem? Meaning Inu and friends might be like teens by now?
    Can’t wait to see how Kagome will fit in with them and how she will be accepted.
    (And of course when puppy Inu will change his first reaction towards baby Kagome, and start being drawn towards her. Not that one could blame him, who would not fall for such an adorable girl. Ah yeah, Koga might too… I’m so curious, as always 🙂 )


    • At the beggining of the story all the kids have 5 years (except for Kagome who is a baby and Sesshomaru who is much older but he’s still a kid) then we a time skip of 5/4 years and then all the kids become bigger, right now Kagome have 5 years.


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