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5 thoughts on “CLAWS and ROSES // PAGE 38

  1. Jajaja 🤣🤣 éstos pequeños y sus peleas….
    Mira esas caras de Inuyasha y Sango me causa risa y ternura. 😂😍

    Ni el mismo Inu no taisho los puede detener en su discusión.. 😂😂


  2. El peque Inuyasha es muy gracioso, vaya enfado…me hace curiosidad que tipo de relación tendrá con Sango al crecer 😊


  3. hahah, that’s hilarious. Zeus-Toga giving them a tiny little bolt to reach their attention. And thus the idea of shock-collars was born.
    And mentioning the honour in fight, obviously hardly getting through to those spirited kids.
    I love Toga’s expression in the last panel. He may be the king of all gods, but he’s a father too. And yes, parenting can be such a challenge, especially with such a hot-headed puppy. Just love it!


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